Health and Wellbeing


  • Make sure those eligible know about the scheme
  • Let us take a friend with us – any friend
  • Taster groups– let me find out if it’s for me

What we have achieved

  • The culture and leisure trust has now created a corporate parenting action plan to work through for 2019.
  • Because of our “asks” care experienced young people can now take a “plus one” along with them to access leisure and art facilities. The plus one can be anyone of their choice and doesn’t need to be registered with the all access card themselves.
  • Young people with the EEI cards are now entitled to a spending limit for sports max goods.
  • The culture and leisure trust are looking to re-brand the Early and Effective Intervention Scheme (EEI) and are seeking the views of champions board young people within this process. There will be a launch event hosted by The culture and leisure trust to raise awareness for the scheme.
Health and Wellbeing