What we do

YISS is a social work team working with young people from aged 12 to 26. We are a team of social workers and support workers who work alongside young people and their families to help them through issues they might be facing. Our young people have often had previous social work support, are involved in the children hearing system or have other worries or concerns which need intensive support. The team is around when times are particularly tough and our aim is to help all our young people and families overcome barriers and work towards better choices and futures.

Sometimes we get involved  to ensure that you can stay at home, and we offer support to both you and your family to prevent youYISS logo from being looked after elsewhere.

The team also support young people who are care experienced up to the age of 26. This would include aftercare and continuing care supports.

We also have other team members who are linked into the team these include Housing, Youth Services, Skills Development Scotland, Economic Development and CAMHS.

We are also keen to hear what our young people are telling us so you can help us plan and tailor what we do.

Here are some of the things our young people tell us

They’re my safety net

They give us new and amazing opportunities

Managers engage with young people instead of staying in offices

All the workers know you…you can trust them

The drama group wasn’t just given to us – we made it ourselves.

Workers don’t do 9-5; they changed my views on being ‘looked after’.

More like a family than a working relationship.

We can speak to each other about our experience

Staff are chilled out and lots of fun…not like usual social workers.