• Information regarding mental health services to be collated and shared with young people.
  • Mental health first aid training can be run widely to both staff and young people.
  • Young people to have information on how staff in schools are trained.
  • Training for adults in mental health services to be delivered by CEYP.
  • Training could be run for school staff by CAMHS on how to support young people with mental health
  • Young people would like information packs on ACES alongside a guide to services.
  • More comprehensive mental health input within PSE in schools.
  • Adults to have conversations within their organisations about how relationship based practice can be promoted.
  • CEYP feel that they have their own specific issues and so would like consideration CEYP have a specific, full time worker identified to work with them and build relationships. Possible clinician based within Youth Intensive Support Service?
  • Kate and Julie will meet with young people to have further conversations about what is needed.
  • Education to consider how mental health can be promoted and supported more in schools.
  • Young people to have a screening of Resilience film.

What we have achieved

  • 2 mental health nurses have been appointed to YISS
  • Training for HSCP staff around relationship based practice
  • Meeting with YP and Julie Murray to further discuss issues around mental health services