Children and Families Community Team work with you and your parents or the adults who you stay with. We are a team of social workers who want to make a difference and help you with any worries or difficulties you are going through and look to make it better.  There might be concerns around school, or circumstances at home might be tough and your teacher or a neighbour or a member of your family may contact social work.  It is important that you know you can ask for help from our team because we know no-one knows you or what your life is like more than you!

We also work with children and young people who have additional needs and want the opportunity to get out and about and involved in different activities and clubs in their community.

There are many different teams and services we work alongside and at times we will hold a meeting to make a plan that everyone must be part of to make sure you are safe.  Your voice and your views need to be at the centre of this plan and your social worker will always want to spend one-to-one time with you to make sure you are listened to.

Mini Champs:

We want to give our young people aged between 8-12 years a voice.  We are running a group on a fortnightly basis on a Tuesday between 5-6.30pm.  All of the young people are subject to a supervision order via our Children’s Hearing system and are within our looked after population.  This is an opportunity to make new friendships in a safe environment, have new experiences and feel connected.  We want to provide young people with information and give them an opportunity to have greater access to community resources and take part in community activities.  The group will be staffed by Who Cares? Scotland and Social Work.  We want to ensure they grow up with a greater understanding, sense of belonging and embrace their looked after status.

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