How to get into any party (and get paid for it) - East Renfrewshire Champions Board

How to get into any party (and get paid for it)

Champions Board DJ Studio Session

Picture this. You’re at a party. The atmosphere is dead. People are sitting around bored.

You’ve finished your pizza. You can’t leave too early otherwise you’ll look like you’re anti-social. Everyone’s scrolling through Instagram wishing they were somewhere else. “Why didn’t I get invited to THAT party?” you think, “maybe i’ll finish this slice and head off”.

What’s missing? One word. Two letters…


A few weeks back some young people from Champions Board got the opportunity to learn the skills of a professional DJ. No party will ever be dull again.

The trainer taught them the fundamentals of being a good DJ, some of them you might find surprising. These skills included:

  • Downloading
  • Programming
  • Streaming
  • Matching Music to Beats

The highlight of the training was when the young people attended a recording studio and made their own files for distribution.

During the process the young people also learned about the technicalities of being a DJ. Some of this involved looking after the equipment, when to replace equipment and some tips on taking this experience forward in the future.

Additionally the young people had to critically comment on each other’s music and work in partnership to create the music file.

If you would like to be the life of the party. DJing might just be for you.

Some photos from one of the days