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Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities for C&YP for Parents, Carers and Schools

Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities

COVID-19 has transformed lives unimaginably, it has touched us all in some way or other and it is difficult to predict what the long term impact will have on the mental health of children and young people. However, we know that schools play a key role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of C&YP throughout the COVID-19 recovery phase and beyond. Whilst we find ourselves in another lockdown, schools, parents and carer givers are trying to juggle remote learning, live lessons and day to day life, all whilst trying to protect the mental health and wellbeing of our children and young people.

The NHSGGC Mental Health Improvement Team have developed four online activities to help support mental health and wellbeing, encourage conversations during lockdown and increase awareness of supports and resources available at this time. Session notes with supporting PowerPoint presentations are embedded in the document and can be downloaded. A selection of suggested home school mental health activities have also been included.

It is also important that we recognise the impact the demands are, or may be having on staff, parents and carers mental health during these unprecedented times and we encourage you to access supports appropriate to your needs if you feel overwhelmed. Our mental health supports document offers a selection of helplines and websites available across Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Nationally.   Our Healthy Minds Pocket guide can also be downloaded which includes information on a mental health support organisation in each of the 6 Health and Social Care Partnerships; Glasgow City, East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire and Inverclyde, tips for looking after your mental health and who to contact if someone is in distress.

Activity Online Activities Age How to Access
Basic Mental Health Awareness A 40 minute session to dispel mental health myths, explore what can impact on mental health and how we can look after our mental health. S1-S6 Session outline and supporting slides
Loss and Grief during a Pandemic A 40 minute session to dispel grief myths, explore what losses we have experienced as a result of the pandemic and healthy ways to manage our grief. S1-S6 Session outline and supporting slides
Sleep and Mental Health A 40 minute session to dispel sleep myths, the impact of sleep on our mental health and how to sleep well. S1-S6 Session outline and supporting slides
One Good Adult A 30 minute information session highlighting the importance of having a one good adult, identifying a one good adult(s) and what qualities a one good adult should have. P6-S6 Session outline and supporting slides with embedded video clip
Resource Description Age Suggested Activities Access
Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Programme A selection of home learning activities for early, first and second level. Early (P1)
First (P2,3,4)
Third (P5,6,7)
Learning can be planned or spontaneous.

Download from

RSHP Home School Activities: Early Level

RSHP Home School Activities: First Level

RSHP Home School Activities: Second Level

Resilience Alphabet Includes ideas and activities to help children build inner strength and wellbeing. For each letter there is a definition, something to think about, something positive to say and some suggestions of things to Make, Do or Write. P1-P7 Can be accessed and used on-line or can be printed them off to make Resilience Alphabet cards.Randomly select letters of the alphabet – maybe using the letters within your name, or perhaps start at the very beginning, a, b, c and so on. Download here
Action for Happiness Calendars Uplifting monthly calendars with a different theme each month to encourage daily activities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. All ages Share the calendars with pupils, parents’ and care givers.
Select a few days and activities for each month and ask C&YP to carry them out. What did they do? How did it make them feel?
Download the calendars from here
Parent Zone Scotland A hub of advice, support and resources for parents’ and carers to access. All ages The Learning at Home section provides a selection of resources and supports to help learning at home. Access here