Sleep - How it can help our mental wellbeing - East Renfrewshire Champions Board
Sleep and Mental Wellbeing

Good quality sleep can boost our mental wellbeing, how so? Well our body block prompts the release of hormones which affect our sleep, one of these being cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol helps us deal with pressure and cope. For example when we have not had enough sleep our body releases more cortisol to help keep us going, however it we continue to have a chronic release of cortisol it can impact on our sleep, which can lead to sleep problems and long term mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

However on the flip side, cortisol levels are at their lowest when we are sleeping meaning that if we practice good sleep habits, this will ensure  we have reduced levels of cortisol which will help support our bodies to deal with crisis, let it rest and process information. So when you think about it, there is truth in the saying “sleep on it” getting good sleep really can help us deal with things causing us stress and anxiety.

Sleep Support Line: 0800 138 6565, Monday to Thursday 10am – 4pm .  

For parents and carers living in Scotland seeking support with their child’s sleep problems can contact sleep advisors.

Sleep Scotland: Teen Zone to support teenagers sleep better.